I was introduced to an Innovation Channel portfolio startup. In a very short period, I was able to contribute a lot by using my personal connections, and I see how valuable my input is for the startup and the companies we connect to.
Ron Lozinsky
Success & Support, RPA consultant
Innovation Channel offers a unique business development service that gets real results. However, the real key to their success is the people behind the service. Sharon and Inbar are amazing but so are their “Enablers”.
I am working with several Enablers and they are fantastic!
Gal Almog
Co-Founder & CEO
70% of our business meetings pipe generated by Innovation Channel.
Ido Cohen
Co Founder & CEO
In Innovation Channel I leverage my network, personal brand and experience to achieve more
Meirav Gal Shoshan
Sales consultant
It has been a pleasure to work with Innovation Channel. The approach has been friendly and highly professional. There are many exciting projects and there is a real feel good factor in helping to make a contribution to supporting excellent projects that make a difference.
Adrian Kibbler
PR and media consultant
Innovation Channel believed in our startup  - injected us with highly qualified opportunities and enabled us to create traction in the market.
Sharon Dayag
A Highly effective GTM platform for Seed startups to scale from few to many customers
Avishai Mor
VP Business Development
The Enabler facilitated a fruitful engagement with a startup that matched exactly to my needs
Yael Barak Progozin

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