Over the years, from senior management positions in the Israeli market in general and friction with the entrepreneurial community in particular, we have identified an acute phase in the process in which startups fail to fulfil their potential.

We call this stage a type of “Tipping point” where the distance between success and failure is the gap between the product / technology development stage to sale and penetrate the market stage. The scale up, is actually the transition from a startup to an established company that is often expressed in finding the right people, the “facilitators”, the people with the skills, the passion and relationships, who can collaborate with the startup to lead the product to new markets and generate paying customers.

There are a lot of needs and solutions in the world, where they don’t meet there is a lot of wasted energy and success is moving away. Innovation Channel believes that success is an outcome of collaboration between a few factors which the right combination between them make this happen.

From these assumptions, we set up Innovation Channel a B2C2B platform that connects between startups and top business enablers, whose process of matching needs and values give them meaning, personal growth and happiness and together we enable growth.

We believe that the world is ready for the enablement era. Innovation Channel will play a big part in the market by laying the foundations for a new role called “Business enabler“







Through our method and platform we create common value between startups and “enablers” which provide startups and ground-breaking products a global reach. Via our community of enablers, we connect the right enterprises with the right solution enabling startups seamless access to international markets.

We are creating qualified opportunities and supporting our customers with end to end sales process until the deal is sealed.

We believe that every innovative product can make great influence if it gets the right market access and is supported by the Innvation Channel platform and the community of enablers within it.

Startups will be considered ready for Innovation Channel when they will have:

One of Innovation Channel’s main goals is to provide talents who have extensive leadership experience an innovative platform:

These people are Innovation Channel’s community of Enablers! 

As a top business enabler 

So, are you an ENABLER?

If the answer is yes (as I was impressed), we would like you to join us in Innovation Channel!

Innovation Channel creates continues commitment & engagement of business enablers to the
long sales cycle for B2B until the deal is completed.

Therefore the framework includes payments per milestones which enhance
healthy risk management that induce startup success

Milestone Scope (Business enablers services) Payment point

first introduction

  • Warm introduction of startups to relevant enterprise in business enablers network
Qualified business meeting (QBM)*
  • Conversion of the introduction into a business meeting
  • Preparation & scope for the meeting
  • Coming to the meeting with the startup – business enablers put their reputation up front
Stage 1 summary*
  • Insights & conclusions
  • Formal meeting summary
  • Go no go (assessment for continued sales process)
POC ( If required and paid for)
  • Relevant advices and plans for scenarios to achieve effective POC
  • Review the POC offer
  • Using his/her network to promote the POC


Light support*
  • Up to 30 minutes of weekly calls for status and brain storming regarding how to promote the deal
Seal the deal*
  • Review the price offering
  • Assistance in promoting the negotiation with the client





Innovation Channel is facilitating penetration into medium to large scaled enterprises in the following sectors and industries:



united kingdom

united states